Class Yii

InheritanceYii » yii\BaseYii
Available since version2.0
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Yii is a helper class serving common framework functionalities.

It extends from yii\BaseYii which provides the actual implementation. By writing your own Yii class, you can customize some functionalities of yii\BaseYii.

Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$aliases array Registered path aliases yii\BaseYii
$app yii\console\Application|yii\web\Application|yii\base\Application The application instance yii\BaseYii
$classMap array Class map used by the Yii autoloading mechanism. yii\BaseYii
$container yii\di\Container The dependency injection (DI) container used by createObject(). yii\BaseYii

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
autoload() Class autoload loader. yii\BaseYii
beginProfile() Marks the beginning of a code block for profiling. yii\BaseYii
configure() Configures an object with the initial property values. yii\BaseYii
createObject() Creates a new object using the given configuration. yii\BaseYii
debug() Logs a debug message. yii\BaseYii
endProfile() Marks the end of a code block for profiling. yii\BaseYii
error() Logs an error message. yii\BaseYii
getAlias() Translates a path alias into an actual path. yii\BaseYii
getLogger() yii\BaseYii
getObjectVars() Returns the public member variables of an object. yii\BaseYii
getRootAlias() Returns the root alias part of a given alias. yii\BaseYii
getVersion() Returns a string representing the current version of the Yii framework. yii\BaseYii
info() Logs an informative message. yii\BaseYii
powered() Returns an HTML hyperlink that can be displayed on your Web page showing "Powered by Yii Framework" information. yii\BaseYii
setAlias() Registers a path alias. yii\BaseYii
setLogger() Sets the logger object. yii\BaseYii
t() Translates a message to the specified language. yii\BaseYii
trace() Alias of debug(). yii\BaseYii
warning() Logs a warning message. yii\BaseYii