Class kartik\markdown\Markdown

Available since version1.0

Markdown provides concrete implementation for PHP Markdown Extra and PHP SmartyPantsTypographer.

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$markdown \Michelf\MarkdownExtra kartik\markdown\Markdown

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
convert() Converts markdown into HTML kartik\markdown\Markdown
customProcess() Custom conversion of patterns kartik\markdown\Markdown
process() Converts markdown into HTML kartik\markdown\Markdown


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ConstantValueDescriptionDefined By
SMARTYPANTS_ATTR_DO_NOTHING 0 kartik\markdown\Markdown
SMARTYPANTS_ATTR_EM_DASH 1 kartik\markdown\Markdown

Property Details

$markdown protected static property
protected static \Michelf\MarkdownExtra $markdown null

Method Details

convert() public static method

Converts markdown into HTML

public static string convert ( $content, $config = [], $smartyMode self::SMARTYPANTS_ATTR_LONG_EM_DASH_SHORT_EN )
$content string
$config array

. Options to configure MarkdownExtra and smarty

  • markdown: array for MarkdownExtra configuration parameters
  • smarty: array for SmartyPantsTypographer configuration parameters
  • custom: array for Custom configuration parameters
$smartyMode integer

The SmartyPantsTypographer processing mode

throws yii\base\InvalidConfigException

if module not set

customProcess() public static method

Custom conversion of patterns

public static string customProcess ( $content, $config = [] )
$content string
$config array

. List of key value pairs to find and replace

process() public static method

Converts markdown into HTML

public static string process ( $content, $config = [] )
$content string
$config array